What is Temperstack?

30% of downtimes are caused by missing alerts. Despite having the right monitoring tools, if the right alerts are not set up, then everything downstream becomes irrelevant.

And we built Temperstack to solve this problem.

At the heart of it, Temperstack is a smarter and better incident management system.

Monitoring tools (like AWS Cloudwatch and NewRelic) collect infrastructure and application performance metrics but are underutilised as alerts are not comprehensively set up on them. Current incident management tools come into play only after an alert is triggered. But if the alerts are not set up in the first place, everything downstream becomes irrelevant and hence the need to "SHIFT LEFT" with Temperstack.

For us, incident management means reducing the possibility of incidents rather than reacting to incidents. This requires building strong comprehensive alerting mechanisms. And in addition it's crucial to continuously optimize thresholds to avoid alert fatigue for on-call engineers.

None of the incident management tools do this today, hence Temperstack.

Our product, Temperstack

Identifies the missing alerts on both infrastructure and application services using existing monitoring tools

Automates the setup and deployment of alerts with a single click.

When an alert is triggered, it notifies the on-call engineers through email, slack, and phone.

Along with the notification, it provides contextual instructions powered by AI to debug, resolve, and mitigate the issues.

Continuously analyzes alerts and optimizes the thresholds to detect potential incidents and prevent alert fatigue.

Our value proposition is to eliminate preventable downtimes and ensure rapid resolution for unavoidable outages.

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