Features of Temperstack


Integrations Hub

Integrate with Cloud providers, monitoring systems, incident management tools & migrate between them in 5 minutes

Temperstack has two types of integrations.

Integration for notifications:

We integrate to receive alerts from your monitoring system (infrastructure and APM) and relay them to the right team through voice, email, and Slack.

List of platforms and tools that we offer Integration for Notifications

To find a Detailed guide on each integration refer

Integration guide for alert notifications

Integration for Automated alert audit & deployment:

We integrate deeper with your infrastructure and APM to discover all resources and alerts set up in them. This integration allows us to provide an ALCOM score and enable one-click deployment of critical alerts.

List of platforms and tools that we offer Integration for Alert Automation

To find list of specific resources covered under each of the above

Resources covered in ALCOM and Alert automation

Alert IQ

Ensure robust monitoring and alerting by defining policies, discovering services, and providing automated audits and compliance scores.


Auto Deploy

Automate alert deployment, covering gaps and simplifying anomaly detection setup.

Auto Deploy

Incident Command

Streamline incident response protocols and coordinate team members for faster issue resolution.

Incident Command

In Beta

Root Remedy

Accelerate incident resolution with auto-correlated alerts and automated recovery scripts.

Fatigue Filter

Reduce alert fatigue by prioritizing alerts and optimizing thresholds.

Fatigue Filter

Coming Soon

Service Atlas

Visualize internal and thirds party interdependencies in services and infrastructure, through comprehensive dependency mapping.

RCA wizard

Facilitate regular, blameless postmortems with correlated alerts, RCA templates, and action item tracking.

Goal Navigator

Streamline the definition, communication, and measurement of service level objectives (SLOs) and reliability targets. (Uptime, Latency - P95, Error Rate)

Config Engine

Optimize architectures, configurations, and resource utilization through policy implementation, audits, and automated remediation.

Speed Gauge

Measure MTTA, MTTD, and MTTR metrics to create a single source of truth.

Culture Driver

Cultivate excellence through DORA and MTTA/MTTR leaderboards and shared best practices in Runbooks.

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