Setting up Services

  1. Navigate to "Temperstack Notifications" at the top menu in your dashboard.

  2. From there, select "Application Services."

Create a service

  1. Navigate to “Add Service”: Click on the "Add Service" button located at the top right corner of the interface.

  2. Provide Service Details: Enter the required service name and group email ID as per the specific requirements.

  3. Assign a Slack Channel: Specify the Slack channel where notifications will be sent for this service.

  4. Select On-Call Policy: Choose the appropriate on-call policy for handling alerts related to this service.

  5. Notification Preferences: Check the desired notification channels - email, Slack, and voice - by selecting the corresponding checkboxes and then click on "Save Changes". This ensures that alerts are sent through the preferred communication channels for effective incident management.

Example Scenario

In this scenario, a service named "alert_setup" is configured with the following details:

  1. E-mail ID: Notifications related to this service will be sent to "" via email.

  2. Slack Channel Name: Alerts for this service will be posted in the "#alerts" Slack channel.

  3. Temperstack On-Call Name: The on-call policy designated for handling alerts related to this service is "Demo Policy."

  4. Updated At: The service details were last updated on May 1, 2024, at 7:48:35 PM.

  5. Receive Notification On: Notifications for this service will be received through email, Slack, and voice channels.

This configuration ensures efficient alert distribution across multiple channels, facilitating prompt notification and response by on-call teams.

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