Creating Access for Temperstack in GCP

Following are the steps to access GCP credentials:

  1. We will first create a custom IAM Role in GCP Console

  2. Open Cloud Shell on GCP Console and create a yaml file

  3. Copy the content below into the yaml file

  4. Then run the following code: gcloud iam roles create [ROLE_ID] --project=[PROJECT_ID] --file=[YAML_FILE_NAME]

  5. You can define the Role ID, eg: temperstack_custom_role_1

  6. The project ID is the current project id

  1. Now create a service account for the user in the IAM console and then assign the above custom role to the user. You Can identify the custom role by the Role ID in the custom Role Section.

  1. Create a key for the service account

  2. Copy the json service account information into the field on the right.

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