Creating IAM User: Temperstack with Policy

1. Add new user

In the IAM dashboard of the AWS Web Console, select Users from the left-side navigation and then click the Add User button.

2. Enter a name for the user (temperstack) and check the Programmatic access option. Then click Next: Permissions

3. Under Set Permissions select the Attach existing permissions directly option, then search for the policy you created before and check the box to the left of it. Then click Next: Tags.

4. Add any tags you wish to the IAM user. This step will not affect AWS integration. Then click Next: Review.

Review the user information. Double-check that AWS console access is not enabled . Scroll down and create has the value “Programmatic access - with an access key” and that the correct Managed Policy is attached. Then click Create User.

You should now see the Success screen. Copy the Access Key ID and Secret access key. They will be needed when setting up the AWS integration in Temperstack

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