Integration of Opsgenie

Follow these steps to integrate Opsgenie notifications with the Temperstack system:

  1. Navigate to Settings > App Settings > API Key Management.

  1. Click on Add new API key.

  2. Enter a suitable name for the key.

  1. Under Access Rights, select Read, Create and Update, and Configuration Access.

  1. Click on Add API key.

  1. Copy the API key.


  1. Login and navigate to the Temperstack dashboard > Admin (top right corner) > Integrations.

  1. Navigate to Opsgenie under Notification Channels.

  1. Click on Next.

  1. Use the copied API key.

  1. After pasting the API key, click on Save button.

  1. After the saving process, in the integrations view (admin -> Integrations), you will see the Opsgenie icon annotated with "Integrated".

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