Getting started as Admin

1. Creating an account on Temperstack

You can click on Register now or Start for free Links on our website and reach the registration page

This account, by default, is the admin account

  1. Input your company name to choose a subdomain

  2. Enter your name

  3. Enter work email

  4. Enter a password of your choice and hit create account

2. Fill in your organisation details

You can fill in your billing details by going to Admin-> Temperstack

Here you can fill in the organisation details

You will also see your subscription Plan details and limits here

3. Invite Users

You can invite Users in Admin -> Manage Organisation -> Invite User

All fields in the user deatils are mandatory - you need

  1. Name

  2. Email id (individual email id of person)

  3. Phone number (individuals Phone number)

Please note that you will have to invite a user and the user has to accept the email invite sent to them before adding them to any On-call rotation Policy (schedule).

4. Manage Users

Users can be deleted from Admin -> Manage Organisation -> Manage user

Do note that a user will not be deleted until they have been removed from all on-call policies (schedules)

5. Start the Integrations

As the next step, you should start integrating with your observability tools

We have two types of Integrations

1. Integrations to set up Temperstack to act as pure Incident management tool

Integration guide for alert notifications

2. Integrations to set up Temperstack as an automated alert audit and deployment tool ( limited to AWS ,GCP and New relic )

6. Set up the notification channels

You can set up the notification channel in two contexts

1. When you are already using Pagerduty or Opsgenie

In this case, we will automatically import the teams (services), map all the resources to each team (service), and also import the existing rosters.

This ensures you have a parallel system mirroring Pagerduty/Opsgenie across all alerts and teams without any manual entry or effort for migration

2. When you start from scratch and will use Temperstack notifications

Follow the link below for a detailed guide:

Incident Command

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