Setting up Datadog Integration

A step-by-step guide of how to connect to your Datadog account and give Temperstack permissions.


In Datadog, we cover the key metrics for each of the following metric groups.

Log in to Temperstack and navigate to the Temperstack dashboard > Admin (top right corner) > Integrations.

  1. Navigate to Datadog under Infrastructure.

  1. Click on Next.

  1. Use the copied API Key and Application Key in the UI.

  1. Choose your Datadog site. You can find that during Datadog login or by looking at your URL. Valid options are us1, us3, us5, ap1, eu, and us1-fed.

  1. After pasting the API key, click on Save button.

  1. Temperstack takes some time to Scan Datadog for Alerts and shows you the Alert comprehensiveness score (ALCOM) on the dashboard.

  1. After the saving process, in the integrations view (admin -> Integrations), you will see the Datadog icon annotated with "Integrated".

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